What happens when I call Alma Cold?
We have representatives standing by to answer your call during regular buisiness hours.

Do you offer short term storage?
Yes. We strive to meet all of our customers requests and needs no matter how short or long the storage term is.

Do you have product recall ability?
Product recall procedures are in place and mock recall drills are conducted on a regular basis.

Do you offer tempering services?
Yes tempering services are available.

Does Alma Cold have EDI and Internet capability?
Alma Cold has integrated the Warehouse Management System which enables our customers to track the activity of their products whenever they wish in real-time via the internet.

Can you handle last minute requests?
Yes. At Alma Cold we have a “can do” attitude, and are dedicated to achieving the highest level of customer service. We will do our best to make all your requests possible.

What are your shipping and receiving hours?
Our regular shipping and receiving hours are form Monday – Friday 8:00am-5:00pm.

Do you handle shipments outside of the regular business hours?
Alma Cold will strive to accommodate all shipping related requests.