Warehouse Management System

Alma Cold Storage understands the importance of a company’s need to be able to keep track of  their  inventory at all times. As a result of this understanding, Alma Cold Storage has integrated a Warehouse Management System (WMS) specifically designed to help you manage your products from a distance.

Warehouse Mangement SystemUsing real-time applications and sophisticated software, you can take comfort in inspecting your products whenever needed.

With the integration of this system, we are able to provide our Alma Cold team with accurate and up to date information. Our mobile real-time tracking system provides you with the ability to track your products and all transactions at any time, from any location.

Our WMS provides accurate inventory counts and reduces the possibility of shipment related errors. Reducing costs and providing your company with immediate answers saves you time and money.



  • Accurate inventory counts
  • Real-time tracking and product visibility
  • Reduces costs
  • Reduces errors
  • Reduces administrative tasks
  • Easy to use – Any time. Any where.